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Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port Featuring Automation, Digitization and Informationization Accelerates the Construction of Smart Ports

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Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port is the most convenient way to the sea in southwest China. In order to build Beibu Gulf Port a "Smart Port", Guangxi government adopted the "Smart Bay" system, reformed the customs clearance model of "advance declaration" and "two-step declaration" and upgraded the benchmarking of the import and export containers as well as other measures to simplify the customs clearance process and facilitate customs clearance for enterprises.

At present, the "Smart Bay" system has developed 4 modules, including online manifest, tally, and inspection. Through automatic information push, coordination, queuing and other online interactive functions, the operation time and status are disclosed throughout the process, which allowing import and export companies to know the real-time dynamic information of the cargo. There is no need to repeatedly go to every unit and government department to queue up for the formalities. The whole process saves 8 hours of time, and at the same time, it drives the speed of ship circulation. It is estimated that the company can save more than RMB 60 million yuan in expenses throughout the year. Since the "Smart Bay" system of Nanning Customs went online, it has greatly improved the efficiency of customs clearance and helped import and export enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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