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H.E. Ms. PHOEURNG Sackon, Minister of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia: Digital Technology Facilitates Cooperation in Cultural and Creative Industry

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Written by Zhao Yali / Translated by Xie Zongming

Museums, as the important medium of cultural heritage preservation and dissemination, carry the duty of cultural relic activation. China has a long history and abundant cultural heritages, just as ASEAN countries have their various history, culture, and rich cultural relic collections in the museums.

China and ASEAN are linked with mountains and rivers. “How to cooperate in the cultural and creative industry” and “how to activate the cultural relics” are the questions the two sides both attach importance to. At the 17th China-ASEAN Cultural Forum held on June 2, 2022, H.E. Ms. PHOEURNG Sackon, Minister of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia, said that China has valuable experience in the sustainable development of cultural heritage, which is worth Cambodia and ASEAN learning. 

H.E. Ms. PHOEURNG Sackon, Minister of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia made remakes at the 17th China-ASEAN Cultural Forum

Exploring effective measures to develop the cultural industry

Cambodia has a long history as well as a rich cultural heritage. The world heritage sites of Angkor and other cultural landmarks like the National Museum of Cambodia are examples of important carriers of ancient Cambodian historical culture and art achievements. According to the Minister, Cambodia and ASEAN countries are promoting the cultural and creative industries sectors by developing suitable policies, measures, and concrete mechanisms.

National Museum of Cambodia

In the past few years, China and ASEAN have started various practices to activate cultural relics. Ms. PHOEURNG Sackon said, “China has steadily promoted and assisted the restoration of Angkor’s historic sites as well as promotion of cultural exchanges through film tours and exhibitions.”

In addition, the Cambodia-China Cultural and Creative Park is also worth mentioning. In July 2018, the year of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China-Cambodia diplomatic relations, the Overseas Chinese Town Group & Yunnan Cultural Industry Investment Holding Group invested in Cambodia to build the Park, boosting the upgrade of the Angkor cultural tourism industry. With a show, a museum, meals, and cultural and creative products with Cambodian characteristics, the Park allows tourists around the world to feel the mysterious charisma of Angkor culture from the miracles carved into the stones of Angkor Wat. 

The heritage sites of Angkor, Cambodia

Showing the splendid culture through digital channels

ASEAN is a region with the potential of limitless creativity and innovation that could be derived from its immense. Ms. PHOEURNG Sackon said that before the pandemic, ASEAN has seen a spike in resilient growth of cultural and creative industries. The 17th China-ASEAN Cultural Forum is themed “Museum Cultural Relics Activation and the Development of Cultural and Creative Industry”. With the current pandemic, this theme is of special importance.

The Minister also said that digital technology will help explore more possibilities for raising people’s awareness of cultural heritage, and the discussions at the forum will be “undoubtedly meaningful and beneficial” for regional economic recovery, facilitating the development of cultural and creative industries and digital economy. 

China has abundant experience in activating museum relics through digital technology. For example, the Digital Dunhuang project uses Interactive Augmented Reality to digitize the cultural relics of Dunhuang, breaking the limit of time and space and allowing people to visit, appreciate, and study.

“China’s tremendous experience in the use of cultural heritage potential for sustainable development while promoting its splendid culture through digital means will definitely be useful and beneficial for ASEAN and likewise Cambodia,” said Ms. PHOEURNG Sackon, who added that “ASEAN, and especially Cambodia need the support of our dialogue partners such as China to strengthen cooperation in the field of museums and cultural and creative industries to share experience and good practices for the benefit of our peoples.”

From a specific exhibit to a huge museum, digital technology activates the relics in terms of preservation and inheritance, for which the relics will surely be known to more people.

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