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Streamline Procedures to Bring People Real Benefits

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As the top priority in the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone (BGEZ), urban household registration integration aims to achieve the mobilization of human-centered resource elements, the equalization of public services as well as the facilitation of integrated management. Among them, the mobilization of human-centered resource elements is regarded as the first concern to develop integration within clusters because human constitutes one of basic elements of social life. For resources elements to be mobilized freely, household registration reform is crucial and streamlining procedure is an important approach.

Reform in ID Card Application

If your ID card is lost, you may need to get a replacement, which will be a complex and time-consuming procedure and bring you enormous inconveniences.

¡°It will bring inconvenience to ID card applicants because they have to go back to the original registered permanent residence. Since the policy is regulated by the government, there is little in turn that we can do,¡± said Ms. Wei Xiaohuan, Head of Population Management of Nanhu District of Nanning Public Security Bureau.

The goal of achieving the urban household registration integration in the first phase has been fulfilled in 2014, which means that citizens within BGEZ can apply for or renew an ID card locally without going back to the original registered permanent residence. Furthermore, in 2015, the government provided more for promoting registration integration, such as, all-in-one card for urban residency, online approval facilitation services and inter-regional ID card replacement services.

In July 2015, China¡¯s Ministry of Public Security announced to establish an inter-province system of granting, reporting and claiming the loss of ID card in 10 provinces. As a matter of fact, the BGEZ has already started the reform one year ago, making itself a pioneer in this field.

¡°The registration integration reform in BGEZ fulfills its goal to benefit people to the largest extent,¡± said Ms. Wei, who was so excited as she provided relevant services for citizens. She expected a safe, fast and convenient fingerprint or footprint recognition system could be put into effect in China in the future.

Reform in Visa Application

Citizens who hold laissez-passer to Hong Kong & Macao also gain benefits from the registration integration in BGEZ.

By the end of 2014, people in four cities were permitted to apply for passport visa, laissez-passer to Hong Kong & Macao, travel permit for mainlanders to enter and exit Taiwan (except travel permit for individual) locally and exempt from inspection. That means migrant citizens from Qinzhou, Fangchenggang and Beihai have been provided with the above-mentioned services in Nanning, shortening the processing time to 10-7 working days.

The convenient conditions and simplified procedures for visa application make people easier to start a travel without delay.

Nanning government does not require residence booklet when migrant citizens from Qinzhou, Fangchenggang and Beihai apply for laissez-passer to Hong Kong & Macao since April 1, 2015. Inspection and face-to-face interview are exempted as well, and the application can be made by proxy. Laissez-passer to Hong Kong & Macao would be handled collectively and systematically. The new measures are well received, which has greatly reduced the cost and increased the efficiency.

Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration of Public Security of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region adopted the measures outside the BGEZ. According to statistics, a total of 38,000 copies of the application were accepted by Division of Exit and Entry Administration of Public Security of Nanning from January to November in 2015, an increase of 50% year on year.

¡°As quite a few enterprises settle in Nanning-ASEAN Economic Development Zone, related services will be offered there to satisfy their demands for visa application,¡± said Pan Xiaohua, Vice-captain of Department of Exit and Entry Management of Public Security Bureau of Nanning. This will also offer citizens in Beihai, Qinzhou and Fangchenggang more chances to handle their visas.

Benefits of reform are being delivered as things get much simpler and easier than before, which brings rich fruits to citizens in the BGEZ.

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