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Understanding How the CAEXPO Is Well Organized

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There have been in total 143 high- level forums successfully held during the CAEXPO in the past
12 years, which were centered on the
hot topics of cooperation between China
and ASEAN. On December 22, 2015,
Secretary-General of China-ASEAN Expo
(CAEXPO) Secretariat Wang Lei delivered
the keynote speech to give an explanation
of the way of organizing conferences held
during the CAEXPO at the 6th China
International Conference Industry Week in
Beijing, China.
CAEXPO: An Exceptional Commercial
CAEXPO is a grand international economic
and trade gathering co-sponsored by China
and the 10 ASEAN countries, as well as
organized by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous
Region, China; together with Boao Forum
for Asia and Summer Davos Forum, it
was also listed as one of China’s key statelevel forums and exhibitions concerning
foreign affairs, and held once a year. Over
the years, 59 state leaders, over 2,500
ministerial distinguished guests as well as
519 thousand merchants from China and the
ASEAN countries have contributed a lot to the
promotion of China-ASEAN friendship and
cooperation, as well as the construction of 21st
Century Maritime Silk Road.
What makes CAEXPO different is that it is a
gathering with missions to serve the ChinaASEAN friendship, China-ASEAN Free
Trade Area (CAFTA), as well as bilateral
cooperation in various areas. During the Expo
not only are there exhibitions, negotiations,
promotions and signing ceremonies, but also
the high-level forums attended by government
officials, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars,
which complement and promote each other.
Then, what are the characteristics of highlevel forums during the Expo? And what is the
successful experience in the organization and
implementation of various conferences and
Selection of Subjects: Focus on Hot Topics
When selecting the themes of conferences
and forums pertaining to CAEXPO, the
development and related hot topics of CAFTA

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