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No one injured in bomb blasts in southern Thailand

2019-03-11 08:47:06   By:Xinhua   Hits:

BANGKOK, March 10 (Xinhua) -- Bomb blasts hit southern Thailand on Saturday and Sunday, but no one was reportedly killed or injured, police said.

Four home-made bombs went off in the capital district of Satun province, about 985 km south of Bangkok, on Saturday night and Sunday morning, while seven others were reported on Sunday in Pak Phayun district of Phatthalung province, about 850 km south of Bangkok.

Two bombs exploded in the premises of a police station in downtown Satun, damaging a few parked sedans, pickup trucks and motorcycles, said Deputy Police Superintendent Pol. Col. Thammanoon Prayuenyong.

The other two blasts occurred at shops in the district of Satun, but nobody was reportedly injured, the police said.

Explosion Ordnance Disposal policemen rushed to the scenes to investigate, but no suspected bombers have been arrested so far.

In Phatthalung province, six bomb blasts were reported in pre-dawn hours and the other on Sunday afternoon, said police inspector Pol. Lt. Col. Samrerng Machu.

Following the pre-dawn explosions, Phatthalung provincial governor Kukiart Wongkraphan was holding an emergency meeting with police officers at a police station on Sunday afternoon when another bomb went off nearby. The latest explosion slightly damaged a parked fire engine.

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