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Feature: Indonesian singer deeply impressed by theme song of Chinese TV series

2019-05-13 17:55:17   By:Xinhua    Hits:

by Abu Hanifah

JAKARTA, May 13 (Xinhua) -- The theme song of Chinese drama TV series "Feather Flies to the Sky" has impressed an Indonesian top singer who sings the Indonesian version of the song, saying that it can be a universally-hit song for its beautifully-arranged lyrics and melody.

Titi Dwi Jayati, the Indonesian seasoned female singer who had launched several albums during her bright three-decade singing career in the country, said that the theme song entitled "Terbang Bersamamu" in Indonesian language, or "Flies With You" in English, has a perfect melodious rhyme that can easily be understood or sung by people in any part of the world.

"I believe this song would be still beautiful if it is sung with any language in the world because basically it is a beautiful song," the famous Indonesian singer who goes with her popular name Titi DJ told Xinhua during a photo session to promote her single album for the theme song.

The singer with profound experiences to sing theme songs in Indonesian movies and TV series believed that the song fits with her movie story taste and emotionally links her with a memory when she did a music video for her last single album.

"Part of the Chinese drama scenes is in Prague, the place where I took my last single album Imagination there last year. So it was coincident, making me feel a bit carried away to sing the theme song," the 52 year-old singer said.

She said she was lucky to have a good team in the project to sing the Chinese TV drama series, as the lyrics in Indonesian language can correctly describe the character of original version in Chinese language.

"So it was quite helpful for me to express the song like the original version, but in Indonesian language," she said.

She expected that the theme song would eventually further bridge cultural relations between the two countries.

"I believe that music is a universal communication tool that can easily be understood by any people from any nation," she said conveying her expectation on closer relations between Indonesian and Chinese people through the song.

Indonesia is the first country in Southeast Asia to broadcast the award-winning Chinese drama TV series which won best drama series in the 2017 Shanghai Film Festival.

Feather Flies to the Sky has been broadcast regularly in Indonesia's state-run TV station of TVRI from Monday to Thursday at noon since late last year.

The Chinese drama TV series tells a story about the relentless struggle of poor people in attaining success in their lives.

"As a state TV station we have to broadcast program that fit with expectation of people in the country. This is one of the best drama TV series that have ever been broadcast," TVRI Managing Director Helmy Yahya said.

The popular Chinese drama series are screened in Indonesia under an MoU signed in June last year between TVRI and the China Media Group.

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