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From Yellow Earth to High-Rise Buildings: What Fantastic Changes Happened in the Nine-year Construction of the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park?

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(Written by Li Min and Zhao Yali)Driving along the broad and flat Zhongma Avenue to the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park (CMQIP), various well-designed modern buildings are located here. Office buildings, factories, and apartments reveal the dynamic commercial and living atmosphere in the park. In the developing building sites and the bird’s nest factories already put into operation, there are the busy workers, composing a beautiful scenery integrating industry and city. It’s hard to imagine that here was just yellow earth nine years ago.

Over the past nine years, the construction of the CMQIP has carried the functions of urban renewal, ecological construction, and industrial innovation. Every day has new changes and every month has new progress. It has developed rapidly and efficiently towards the goal of “Laying a foundation in three years” and “Achieving results in five years” and scored good results in integrating industry and city, institutional innovation, and attracting investment.

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Panorama of the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park

Build a fine nest to attract the Golden Phoenix

High buildings rise from the ground. “After many years of development and construction, the development of the CMQIP has shifted from an infrastructure-based investment to a stage that both infrastructure and industrial projects are equally important.” Guangxi China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd, responsible for the overall development, construction, and operation of the CMQIP, is the main force in developing and building the park. Mr. Pan Nanda, President of the company, introduced in the interview with reporters from China-ASEAN Panorama that, “The China-Malaysia joint venture has basically completed a 15km² development and construction task of ‘seven connections, one land leveling and one green area’. It has constructed the development framework of the park, created conditions for attracting investment and introducing industries to the park, and laid an industrial foundation for the sustainable development of the park.”

At present, the supporting facility system for industry and life has basically built up in the CMQIP. The Electronic Information Industrial Park, China-Malaysia International Science and Technology Park, Intelligent IOT Industrial Park, Bird’s Nest Processing and Trade Base, Youth Apartment, Mangrove Resettlement Area, China-Malaysia Square, middle and primary schools, Internet Creative Education Space and other projects have been put into operation. Among them, the China-Malaysia Yangguang School affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University, which covers primary school, junior middle school, senior middle school and international department, currently has 550 teachers and students, and is expected to have 1,200 in 2021.

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China-Malaysia Sunshine International School affiliated to Xi’an Jiaotong University 

Build a golden nest to attract the Phoenix. With the gradual improvement of the hardware facilities, the investment promotion and enterprise settlement of the park have entered a new stage. The park focuses on the settlement of projects in biomedicine, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and ASEAN’s traditional industries. High-tech projects with promising prospects have been successively put into operation, including Xindeli Photoelectricity, Hui Bao Yuan Biotechnology, Pujing Optics, Gang Chuang Zhi Rui Intelligent Terminal, and Jianju Technology. With a total investment of more than RMB 10 billion yuan, the construction of a number of major industrial projects, such as the Taijia ultra-thin glass substrate deep processing project, and the Sichuan-Guangxi International Production Capacity Cooperation Industrial Park,  has been advancing rapidly.

From January to June 2021, the park has reached RMB 1.49 billion yuan in fixed assets investment and RMB 7.4 billion yuan in gross industrial output value, with a year-on-year growth of 41.5%. Up to June 30, 2021, there are 5,861 enterprises in the park, including 40 foreign enterprises.

Building “soft power” to make enterprises more satisfied

With sound hardware facilities, the CMQIP also needs to create a high-quality business environment and enhances the “soft power” of the park with efficient and meticulous service, so that enterprises can really enter, settle down, and run well. Only when the park has popularity and the industry has vigor, will the integration of industry and city has the power, otherwise the beautiful park will be an empty city.

At present, new breakthroughs have been made in promoting the business environment of the park. Key indexes such as cross-border trade, establishment of new enterprises, project registration and construction, and property registration have reached the first-class level in the country: “Streamlining the examination and approval process” further speeds up the process and increases the efficiency, realizing “one seal for approval”; The time for setting up an enterprise has been compressed to less than 2 hours and realized “zero cost”; Innovate new mode of platform economic examination and approval service and reduce the approval time by more than 80%; The application of project planning permit speeds up from 5 working days to on-site completion; The average completion time for real estate registration is about 45 minutes.

“It’s very efficient for us to set up our business in the CMQIP. We can complete the relevant procedures within one day. The management committee of the park is very efficient. We can see from our daily work,” Zhang Yuhua, Chairman of Guangxi Free Trade Zone Sabah Bird’s Nest Co., Ltd who comes from Malaysia, said in an interview with our reporters.

说明: 3.中马钦州产业园区燕窝产业实现投产
The bird’s nest industry in the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park has been put into operation

Through institutional innovation, the reform dividends of the park were fully released and the business environment was further optimized. In 2020, the People’s Bank of China approved the implementation of five financial innovations in the CMQIP. It will greatly facilitate the free flow of RMB funds between the China-Malaysia “Two Countries, Twin Parks” and widen the channels for Malaysian banks to allocate RMB funds. It will also attract Malaysian companies to set up NRA accounts in the park and support the cross-border transfer of domestic credit assets and so on.

“Actually, our Company first connected with the park at an investment promotion conference and we were initially impressed by the warmth and the confidence to the development of the park that the Qinzhou leaders showed us. The final choice of the CMQIP is due to three reasons. The first one is the vitality and favorable business environment of Qinzhou. The second is the attractive policies in the park. The third is that the management committee of the park attaches great importance to the enterprises in it,” said Lei Qiong, Executive Vice President of Guangxi Free Trade Zone Jianju Technology Co., Ltd., a representative of the high-tech enterprises in the CMQIP, with our reporter, He also said :“The management committee of the park is very attentive to the needs of the enterprises, from the construction of the factory area to the needs of daily life. They treat us as family members and take the business of the enterprises as their own business. They are very conscientious and responsible, which makes me feel that working in the park is the same convenient as working at home.”

It is reported that, at present, the park has set up a service mechanism to build an information bank including elements such as standard factories, office buildings (rooms), apartments, canteens, water, electricity and gas. It has been timely pushed to relevant departments such as investment promotion and enterprises in need, to realize the information sharing. The park has timely arranged temporary or permanent housing and offices for 20 enterprises. In addition, in order to make it more convenient for employees of enterprises in the park to commute, the management committee of the park coordinated with the transport department to increase the number of shuttle buses traveling among different area, to the urban area, and to and from Nanning. The park helps the enterprises to solve their worries on investment and settlement with comprehensive and considerate service.

Industry and city integration boasts a promising future

Standing in front of the sand table in the hall of the management committee of the CMQIP and looking at the blueprint of the Qinzhou Port Area of China (Guangxi) Pilot Free Trade Zone, there is an extension of Beibuwan Avenue linking the urban area of Qinzhou with the park. It is expected to open at the end of 2021. At that time, it will only take about 10 minutes to drive from Qinzhou to the park, which will further facilitate the integration of industry and city.

In the next step, according to the requirements of the “Integrated Development of Port, Industry and City”, the park will carry out landscape design and planning and adjust the planning of vertical roads in the park. It will focus on planning and building a number of special industrial towns and new urban areas with high standards, and optimizing the production, living and ecological space of the park to create a high-quality livable environment. Taking overall planning, land-sea connection and development towards the sea as the direction, the planning will take the one-hour commute as a link, to promote the urban area’s connection with Lingang New Town and its expansion towards the coastal area. A new pattern of urban development will be formed, in which the central urban area will have connections with Lingang New Town and they will develop in coordination with each other.

In terms of the construction of “Two Countries, Twin Parks”, we will accelerate the establishment of free and convenient trade channels, efficient and convenient logistics channels, open and cooperative financial channels, and safe and orderly information channels for mutual connection and exchange. We will strengthen cooperation in humanities, education, science and technology, and improve the urban supporting functions of the park and build a smart park.

In terms of institutional innovation, we will facilitate the implementation of the policies on the CMQIP and the Pilot Free Trade Zone, make every effort to complete the tasks of pilot reform, and give priority to independent reform and innovation, as well as system integration innovation. We will focus on formulating and implementing relevant supporting policies in areas such as cross-border industrial chain cooperation, and further improve the policy system framework of the park.

In terms of investment promotion, among the “Three Major and Three New” and other strategic emerging industries, we will hold various forms of investment promotion meeting under the theme of “Central State-owned Enterprises, Greater Bay Area Enterprises and Private Enterprises Entering Guangxi”. We will rely on the Guangzhou Office to conduct investment promotion in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and attract industries from the Greater Bay Area to enter the park. We will do more research on the industries in the provinces and cities along the New Western Land-Sea Trade Corridor and take the initiative in docking with Chongqing, Yibin in Sichuan, and other places to promote cooperation and industrial transfer. We will fully utilize the advantages of the “Two Countries, Twin Parks” platform, actively plan new major projects in the park under the background of developing the Belt and Road, and facilitate investment promotion in the upstream and downstream industrial chains of key industries.

What’s more, the park will cultivate new economic and business forms, and build up social and e-commerce industry clusters. It will also set up a guidance fund to support and guide the economic development of the platform.

Over the past nine years, the CMQIP has developed from planning to construction and from small to large. It has written a magnificent chapter on the cooperation between China and Malaysia and the development of high-end industrial parks in Guangxi. Looking forward to the golden decade, we expect a greater development of the CMQIP.

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