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The Most Beautiful Scenery in China’s Poverty Alleviation

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(Written by Guan Qiuyun / Translated by Chen Zhiying)

On February 25, 2021, at the China Poverty Alleviation Recognition Conference, Huang Zhongjie, who was on-site, was fulled of tears in his eyes when he heard the name of Huang Wenxiu. In the battle against the poverty, the life of Huang Wenxiu, an excellent Party member, was always set at 30 years old. The moment that Huang Zhongjie accepted the prize on behalf of his daughter moved countless people.

The prosperity of the party lies in tens of thousands of outstanding Party members who have been devoted themselves to China’s poverty alleviation. At the important moment of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the battle against poverty has won a comprehensive victory. Many people generally believe that China’s achievements in poverty alleviation reflect the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China and the unity and strive of the Chinese people. China’s poverty reduction experience also provides valuable reference for all countries around the world, especially developing countries.

“Chinese people leads a prosperous life under the leadership of the CPC, ”

In February 2021, Malaysia’s Star Daily reported the story of the family of Weibo, a farmer in Yunnan Province, China.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Weibo grew up in a small mountain village in Yunnan Province. There was only one dirt road to the outside world. The heavy rain in summer always made the road muddy and impassable. “At that time, we were always hungry, and we used to feed through wild vegetables or wild fruits.” He recalled.

However, with the help of the CPC, his family has moved into a new residential area. Local government provides housing subsidies, carries out vocational training and lifts them out of poverty. At the end of the article, the Star Daily concluded that China’s poverty alleviation is the embodiment of the ruling ability of the CPC, which shows the vision of Chinese leaders and sets a model for the world.

说明: “脱贫摘帽”后美丽整洁的中国乡村
The beautiful and tidy Chinese countryside after Poverty Alleviation

Weibo’s family are just one of the epitome of China’s success in poverty reduction. Since ancient times, human society has been plagued by poverty. The achievement of China’s total elimination of absolute poverty in 2020 can be said to have written a new chapter in the history of anti-poverty: as the largest developing country in the world, China’s poverty reduction population accounts for more than 70% of the global poverty reduction population in the same period. However, 770million rural poor people have been rid of poverty, achieving the goal set in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations 10 years earlier.

Banbang Sulyono, Chairman of the Asian Innovation Research Center and Chairman of the ASEAN South Asia Foundation of Indonesia, visited China in 1998. Comparing with the past and now, he expressed his feeling about the overall achievements of poverty alleviation in China: “in more than 20 years, China has become a country with strong momentum of development. When the outside world evaluates the achievements of the CPC, This cannot be ignored — it is they that lead the Chinese people towards a prosperous life.”

“There is an old saying in Zhuangzi in China, which is called ‘its work is simple at the beginning, and its completion will be huge’.” Lucio Pitro, a researcher in International Relations at the Asia Pacific Association Foundation, a Philippine think tank, said that this path from simple to huge eloquently proved that the Chinese people, under the leadership of the CPC, have won remarkable victories in the world and should be proud of their efforts.

“Chinese people are always well protected by the bravest of them”

“Chinese people are always well protected by the bravest of them,” said Kissinger, a politician in On China. In the process of China’s battle against the poverty, those bravest people are the party members and cadres in the grassroots community who unite and lead the Chinese people of all ethnic groups to meet the difficulties and gnaw down the deep poverty.

说明: 黄文秀为百色市乐业县百坭村党组织第一书记,因公牺牲时年仅30岁
Huang Wenxiu, the First Secretary of Baini Village, Baise, Guangxi

Mao Xianglin, Secretary of the Party branch of Xiazhuang village, Wushan County, Chongqing, led villagers to pave a road seven years; Huang Dafa, the Party branch secretary of the Yuancao Wangba village, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, led the villagers to dig the diversion channel in 36 years; Li Baoguo, a professor at Hebei Agricultural University, has spent his life trying to lift people out of poverty through science and technology; Jiang Shikun, former Secretary of Qinglong County Committee of Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Southwest Guizhou Province, devoted his life to poverty alleviation and fulfilled the promise that “as long as there is still one in Qinglong who has not been deprived of poverty, I would not rest...” “We cannot miss one on the road to building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way”. Behind this promise is the hard work of more than 3 million village cadres and the First Secretary of China; It’s they who ignited the hope of Chinese people to move towards prosperity.

“In a century, China has achieved a great leap. I think it is inseparable from China’s strong party leadership and those who are willing to contribute.” Lina Dengrudainison, Editor-in-Chief of the Flemish edition of China Today, visited rural areas of China for many times and published a large number of reports on China’s poverty alleviation. When she saw that the grass-roots party organizations in China set up electronic databases for all poor households, Party cadres and poor households established a helping relationship, formulated measures accurately and took charge of the situation, she said without hesitation: “China’s poverty alleviation and hard work has won a comprehensive victory, and is inseparable from the efforts of millions of Chinese Communist members.”

“More and more Chinese youth choose to devote themselves to the poverty alleviation at the grass-roots level, and they are actually fighting for the Chinese dream for a century.” The Bangkok Post of Thailand introduces the poverty alleviation story of Mipu, who was the post-90s professional in Tibet.

Since graduating from Tibet University in 2015 and arriving at Xiongba village, Tibet, Mipu has not remembered how many times he has explained poverty alleviation policies in the hot sun or in the face of snow and wind, so as to solve practical difficulties for the masses. Xiongba village is a animal husbandry village. In rainy and snowy seasons, some animal husbandry vehicles can not reach. In order to investigate and implement the basic situation of poor households in time, the Tibetan Girl chooses to go on foot alone. Over time, she had a good command of the production of each household in Xiongba village, where she was known as “Google” of the poverty alleviation in Xiongba village. The article introduces that by 2021, all 74 poor counties in Tibet have taken off their hats, 628,000 people who have established their files have all been out of poverty and have eliminated absolute poverty historically.

“China leads the world in poverty alleviation”

“China’s poverty alleviation efforts have greatly accelerated the development of poverty reduction in the world, and the international community is very concerned about China’s poverty alleviation experience.” The Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission, Barsena, said that China has implemented targeted poverty alleviation policies, found causes leading to poverty alleviation and provided extensive targeted assistance, which is very enlightening for developing countries.

说明: 湖南衡阳常宁市罗桥镇下冲村,实现了全村脱贫摘帽的村民用农产品“作画”
Villagers in Xiachong Village, Luoqiao Town, Changning, Hengyang, Hunan, celebrate the Poverty Alleviation

“Solar panels shine in the sun, and I didn’t expect to see it in such a remote village.” The story of Li Jiawan village to get rid of poverty by photovoltaic industry is still fresh in Argentina. Nowadays, the experience of green development of rural areas in China has spread to Argentina, which brings opportunities for poverty alleviation for poor villages.

“The chicken farm is growing up, and we will get rid of poverty as soon as possible!” Cambodia’ Khmer Times has focused on the project of China-Cambodia friendly poverty alleviation demonstration village launched recently in Dalong village, Bati County, Teagum Province, Cambodia, and tells the story of villagers extolling. Before extolling, only vegetables were planted, and life was difficult. The project team helped him to open a chicken farm to teach him the techniques of breeding. Chitawei, Director of Rural Development Department of Kamtan Province, Cambodia, said that in the process of jointly carrying out poverty reduction projects in Cambodia and China, Chinese poverty alleviation experts brought poverty alleviation technology and experience, and strengthened the confidence and strength of local poverty alleviation.

As the President of the Thai Parliament and President of the house of Commons commented: “I have taken the most advanced high-speed railway in China and have been to the poorest and backward rural areas. I have seen great changes in China over the years, and I think there are very few countries in the world that can achieve such achievements.” After understanding the relevant poverty alleviation policies in many poverty-stricken areas of China and their personalized development path, he also said that many countries in Southeast Asia are also facing the task of poverty eradication, “China's poverty alleviation experience and practice will help other countries explore the poverty alleviation development path suitable for their own national conditions”.

In the eyes of Tongwan Vlleihang, Acting Chairman of Lao National Committee for Rural Development and Poverty Eradication, China’s battle against poverty has been one of the most outstanding in human history, and it provides reference for other regions of the world. “There is no doubt that China sets a good model for the world in poverty alleviation,” he said.


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