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Singapore Good Design is Open for Submissions

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Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) 

SG Mark was established to set the benchmark for exceptional design quality and recognises companies and individuals who have generated significant value by focusing on human experiences and providing solutions in their products and services in order to enhance industrial development and enrich lives responsibly.


Its overarching goal is to impact businesses, improve the quality of life of  different communities and influence culture. 

Design is Multidisciplinary, yet it has a Common Language. 

The 8 standard categories of SG Mark include: 

  • Product
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Experience Design
  • Digital Solution
  • Branding
  • Sustainable Design
  • *Special Category: Virtually Unlimited

Review the submission guidelines and learn more about the award timeline. 


Special Category: Virtually Unlimited 

The 2022 Special Category is in line with Singapore positioning itself for the  future to emerge stronger and reconnect with the rest of the world to grow and  prosper. Virtually Unlimited celebrates designs that push aesthetic, conceptual  and technological boundaries to produce high quality design thought and execution that creates impactful outcomes. 


This concept can be applied across all design disciplines 


Our Award package includes 

Check out our 2021 winners! 

If you have not seen our past winners, do check out our e-directory! 

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