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Hechi to push forward agricultural mechanization

2023-03-03 16:58:30    Hits:

Hechi held a spring plowing ceremony on Feb 27 in Nahe village, Hechi town, Jinchengjiang district, with the aim of encouraging the public to participate in spring farming preparations and promoting agricultural mechanization.

At 9:00 am, dozens of agricultural machines were ready to work in the fertile and spacious fields. With the utilization of these machines, the 228-mu (15.2-hectare) farmland was leveled quickly. Other machines, such as the three spraying drones, sprayed a specialized liquid evenly over some growing vegetables. This liquid was designed to insect disease pervention.

In order to publicize agricultural machinery subsidy policies, the plowing ceremony also featured centralized publicity, hanging banners, publicity material distribution, on-site consultations, and human-machine interactions.

The total installed capacity of agricultural machinery in Hechi has reached 3.35 million kilowatts, with 788,600 units of agricultural machinery. In the next step of this campaign, local agricultural departments will carry out training in operating techniques. They will also continue to publicize the preferential subsidy policies to entice farmers to purchase more agricultural machinery.

Hechi holds a spring plowing ceremony on Feb 27 in Nahe village, Hechi town, Jinchengjiang district. [Photo/Hechi Daily]   

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