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Huahong Pharmaceutical Being Committed to the Health of Women

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Early in the period of the Republic of China, the processing industry of traditional Chinese medicine in Liuzhou achieved breakthrough development. Now, Liuzhou has a number of pharmaceutical enterprises that have developed into a large-scale. Pharmaceutical manufacturing, retail, wholesale go hand in hand for common development.

Among medical enterprises in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Huahong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is an enterprise well-known for consumers. Over the past decades, it has embarked on a special road for management.


Adhering to better and specialized product services

Currently, Huahong Pharmaceutical mainly includes Huahong Tablets, Huahong Capsule, Tincture for Detumescence and Analgesia, Gegen Qinlian Pills and a series of health care products, sterilized products, medical mechanical products, etc. Covering diversified industries such as medicinal materials cultivation, research and development, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and beauty and fitness services for women, it’s a national high-tech enterprise and a technology research center for Guangxi women’s health and Chinese medicine project. 

Huahong Pharmaceutical has gained this achievement after decades. This company was Liuzhou Chinese medical factory before. Due to the lack of featuring management in the 1990s, it sought a new way of living, according to Wei Yanfei, president of Huahong Pharmaceutical. 

Combined both the results of market analysis and the situation of the enterprise itself, Huhong Pharmaceutical chose women’s health as the business position. ‘“A better and specialized product service’ is our managerial faith,” said Wei Feiyan. The company gained the respected brand through Huahong particles and has achieved the aim of being the first brand of OTC medicine for gynaecology.

Two legs should keep the same pace if you want to walk steadily. Huahong Pharmaceutical developed the market for prescription drugs. Both of the prescription drugs and over the counter drugs made a good pattern of parallel legs. Recently, the concept of “internet plus” has been a hot trend in China. Huahong Pharmaceutical became a huge healthy industry of females and children and employed 100,000 staff for the female of the 1980s and 1990s.

Since 2005, Huahong Pharmaceutical has been developed in the oversea market. This enterprise applied for the brand of “Huahong” in ASEAN from 2006 to 2008. In recent years, some products have entered Vietnam’s market. 


Innovation verified, from the featuring production and management 

Since science and technology are the primary productive forces, the development of enterprises cannot develop without innovation. Zhang Yanhua, deputy general manager of Huahong Pharmaceutical, said that Guangxi is a big market with 4,620 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine. Huahong Pharmaceutical has focused on traditional Chinese medicine and women’s diseases in stages of classics, marriage, pregnancy, production and the climacteric, developed products such as Huahong Tablets, Huahong Capsules and female diagnostic reagents after Huahong Granules, and acquired some pharmaceutical enterprises and products, which has enriched the category of gynecological pharmaceutical products of the enterprise.

Quality is the trump card, especially for pharmaceutical products. Huahong Pharmaceutical takes the initiative to improve quality standards to a higher standard to create products. This enterprise cooperates with Peking Union Medical College to conduct research on an emilia sonchifolia and oldenlandia diffusa, adding some of them into the quality control index, and taking the initiative to declare, form the standard.

Management and management model innovation also provide a boost for the Huahong Pharmaceutical industry. The research and development department and marketing planning department of the enterprise was relocated in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhuhai and other high-tech clusters, to absorb domestic and foreign high-end talents, and it chose Guangxi’s unique advantages of rich traditional Chinese medicine resources to develop and research international new treatment and health projects.

In the next 5 to 10 years, Huahong Pharmaceutical will focus on building an integrated online and offline marketing platform, to build a large female health industry integrating maternal and child drugs, health products, food, beauty products, and become a first-class enterprise in Chinese women’s health industry.


Assistance for fighting against the epidemic

On January 22, 2020, Huahong Pharmaceutical suddenly received a large number of the Gegen Qinlian Pills and Banlangen Granule orders. The seriousness of the situation made Wei Feiyan decided immediately: Huahong would not stop production on January 23. Because the product inspection cycle is long, the quality department cannot stop for rest during the Spring Festival.

In order to ensure the timely supply of two kinds of drugs to the market, Huahong Pharmaceutical made multi-assistance air supplies, regardless of the cost. The first batch of the product was shipped by air from Guilin on Jan. 22, at a cost that was more than four times the usual rate. But Mrs. Wei continued, “Our products will not increase the price during the period of the COVID-19.”

On January 23, in order to control the situation of the outbreak, Wuhan government officially announced to lock down the city. Huahong Pharmaceutical immediately asked the sales team in Hubei Province to combine with Wuhan’s pharmaceutical distribution enterprises at the first moment. Gegen Qinlian Pills, Banlangen Granules and other antiviral drugs worth more than RMB 300,000 yuan, and more than 200 pharmacies were available in 200 drugstores. The next day, the campaign was adjusted to deliver drugs with orders through “Yikuaiqian”, an online platform of Wuhan Xiaoyaoyao. “Our ability is small, but we can let the people of Wuhan have a warm feeling of being cared and reduce a sense of panic,” said Mrs. Wei.

During the outbreak, Huahong Pharmaceutical donated anti-epidemic drugs, disinfection products and cash worth more than RMB 4 million yuan. With the spread of the global epidemic, Huahong Pharmaceutical has also received overseas anti-epidemic products order. Wei Feiyan said that the company is contacting foreign medical teams, and willing to donate part of the Gegen Qinlian Pills for fighting against the domestic and foreign epidemic. 

A caring enterprise is a responsible enterprise. Since the day of its establishment, the company has been pursuing the idea of “caring for health, caring for family”. With a social mission, Huahong will register more achievements in the future.

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