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Digital Economy in Qinzhou Ushers in the Era of Fast Development

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Written by Guan Qiuyun / Translated by Chen Zhiying

Have you ever imagined what the future world looks like? “The digital economy era is coming,” said Cook, Apple CEO.

In recent years, taking advantage of building China-ASEAN Information Harbor sub center, Qinzhou seeks opportunities and embraces digital economy actively. Today, looking at its digital development, we can find that it is going smoothly and constantly opens up new space and provides new impetus for the high-quality development of digital industry in Beibu Gulf Economic Zone.

Digital Qinzhou is developing

Since Qinzhou was positioned as the sub center of China-ASEAN Information Harbor, its digital economy has ushered in a milestone. Baishi Lake District, which integrates the beauty of ink and Baishi culture in Qinzhou, is the key area for Qinzhou to develop digital economy. Since 2019, digital bases and enterprises such as Huawei Digital Town and Mayiyanghuo have settled in this area, marking the ecological prototype of Qinzhou digital industry cluster.

Scenes of the Baishi Lake

In 2021, looking at the achievements make in Qinzhou’s digital economy, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly “two clusters and one circle”, which means taking electronic information industry cluster, big data industry cluster, and e-commerce industry ecosystem as the core.

The current focus of the electronic information industry cluster is 5G intelligent terminal manufacturing industrial park facing ASEAN. In the park gather the leading enterprises of electronic information represented by Taijia Electronics, Hong Kong Chuang Zhirui Electronics, SDL, and Kelly Digital. Those enterprises helpe to achieve 5G network coverage in key areas such as central city, heavy industry parks, ports, and major tourist spots.

With Baishi Lake District as the core, the Binhai New District has formed large data industrial clusters gathering Huawei, Foxconn, Kingdee and NetEase. Besides boasting China-ASEAN (Qinzhou) Cloud Computing and Big Data Center and many professional application clouds such as education cloud, health cloud, port logistics cloud, etc., this district also built the only 5G Huawei Digital Town in the world, making Qinzhou the only city in Guangxi boast Huawei global public cloud and at the same time, serve as the sub center of China-ASEAN Information Harbor.

According to the data released by Qinzhou Development and Reform Commission in April 2021, the development momentum of the two industrial clusters has been strong, and the total revenue of software and information technology industry has reached RMB 8 billion yuan. It is expected that the two clusters will maintain a high-speed growth in 2021.

In terms of e-commerce, Qinzhou has built a cross-border e-commerce public service platform, and has implemented a number of cross-border e-commerce retail bonded import business and a series of online economic innovation center projects. It has constructed a 1+14+n e-commerce industrial ecosystem integrating the training of e-commerce talents of high level, operation of e-commerce industrial base, integration of industrial chains, and brand incubation.

“In the future, Qinzhou will focus on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Beidou navigation, etc., and promote the continuous integration of digital industry and people’s production and life,” said Wang Qingde, Deputy Director of Qinzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission.

Right Time to develop digital economy

In line with the trend of industrial networking, information, intelligence, Qinzhou digital service innovation is also constantly improving its quality and capacity. On April 26, 2021, Forsee (Baishi Lake) Digital Economy Innovation Conference were successfully held in Qinzhou, which meant that Forsee digital innovation base was officially established in this fertile land once reputed by Qi Baishi.

智见(白石湖)数字经济创新大会活动现场 (来源:活动主办方)
Forsee (Baishi Lake) Digital Economy Innovation Conference

It is reported that Forsee digital innovation base will aim at technological change and industrial optimization and upgrading, and promote the effective integration of Qinzhou digital economy industrial chains, talent chains, and innovation chains through building independent IP, cultivating professional talents, and providing policy support for digital economy related enterprises.

In terms of building independent IP, Forsee Group, together with People’s Cultural Tourism and Qinzhou Municipal government, has built an e-commerce brand of “Renmin Youpin (choosing good products for people)” in Qinzhou. The brand emphasizes tastes of the products, selects high-quality products that meet the requirements of “safety oriented, quality assurance and standard upgrading” in Qinzhou, forms a fast sales channel directly connecting the origin to the platform, and promotes local brands in Qinzhou to grow into a national brand. Since Qinzhou’s herbal tea, preserved meat products, sea duck eggs, water milk, and other specialty products have been put on the shelves of the platform, the market performance is good, and the current average daily sales can reach 5,000 orders.

The demand for talents is also rising. At present, the local incubation and training project of “e-commerce + live broadcast talents” in the base is in full swing. Many representatives from ethnic minorities, farmers, enterprise managers, etc., in Qinzhou are learning live broadcast sales skills, creative short video screenwriting and operation skills, role design director, shooting technology, and so on.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Xiaolan. Our home-grown mango, millet banana, and passion fruit are on sale. They are fresh and delicious. You are welcome to place an order.” With live broadcasting at least once a day, the e-commerce sales of Pingshan village in Dadong, Qinzhou, where Liu Lilan, a Yao girl lives, is up to RMB 1.5 million yuan a month, and the highest is over RMB 2 million yuan. It is because of the digital economy, more and more rural products are gaining popularity and people’s lives are more and more prosperous.

At the same time, the innovation base has also passed a program, which selects local outstanding young students from the incubation training program to serve as the “representative for good products”, so that they can combine their own experience and bring more good products from their hometown to the outside, and combined with Sanniangwan Tide Watching Festival, Tiaolingtou, and other excellent traditional folk culture in Qinzhou, they could contribute to the promotion of Qinzhou brand.

In addition to continuous innovation and optimization of internal projects, Forsee digital innovation base also focuses on supporting leading enterprises in Qinzhou through funding and helps small and medium-sized micro participants. With their strength, Forsee digital innovation base consolidates its foundation for developing the digital economy, and gradually develops into a source of new economic and industrial development in Beibu Gulf region, so as to become a supply chain platform with national influence.

Polishing the gold lettered signboard of “digital Qinzhou”

Relying on China-ASEAN Information Harbor sub center, “two clusters and one circle”, and intelligent digital innovation base, the digital economy in Qinzhou is growing rapidly and has achieved a lot. How to further develop its digital economy? Zhang Hongdan, Vice Mayor of Qinzhou gave her answer.

钦州市人民政府副市长张红丹主持大会 (图源:活动主办方)
Zhang Hongdan, Vice Mayor of Qinzhou

Zhang Hongdan said: “first of all, Qinzhou will accelerate the construction of digital infrastructure such as 5G, Internet of Things and data center, serve the operation of Huawei cloud in Qinzhou, and provide a full range of cloud computing services for China and ASEAN to carry out port and shipping logistics, cross-border e-commerce, and data sharing. By 2025, striving to achieve the goal of attracting more than 600 relevant enterprises to settle in, with the scale of the digital economy reaching RMB 100 billion yuan.”

Secondly, in line with the development trend of e-commerce, Qinzhou will start from rural e-commerce, live-streaming e-commerce, and community e-commerce. In this regard, Zhang Hongdan further said that Qinzhou needs to further strengthen the three-level e-commerce online service system including counties, towns, and villages, develops e-commerce brands of agricultural products. At the same time, Qinzhou will give full play to the industrial cluster effect centered on the Forsee new economy and cultivate more live-streaming Internet celebrities.Besides, it will improve relevant facilities, achieving the goal of “buying goods from the world and selling products to the world” in Qinzhou.

Finally, the Qinzhou government will release policy dividends to a greater extent. Within five years from the date of establishment, the new economic service platform enterprises in Qinzhou Port Area, which are based on the Internet and new media, will be rewarded according to 70% of their contribution to the local economy in that year, so as to support the development of the new business model.

Time is a great writer. It records the challenges and difficulties Qinzhou encountered in developing the digital economy, as well as its vigorous and brilliant development. In the future, Qinzhou will no doubt usher in a new era of fast digital economic development. 

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