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Launching of the 5th “My ASEAN and China” Multimedia Art Exhibition Series – "Peaceful Laos"

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ASEAN-China Centre (ACC), in collaborating with the renowned artist Ms. Rita Zhao and the Lao Embassy in China, co-organized the 5th “My ASEAN and China” Multimedia Art Exhibition Series – “Peaceful Laos” for one month at Yunnan Agricultural University (YAU), Kunming.

The opening ceremony of the Multimedia Art Exhibition on “Peaceful Laos” was held in the morning of 16 April 2014 at YAU, which was attended by more than 300 university students, faculty lecturers and VIP guests. H.E. Ambassador Somdy Bounkhoum of Laos, Mr. Ma Mingqiang, ACC Secretary-General, and Mr. Sheng Jun, President of YAU, delivered the opening remarks, followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony to launch the Multimedia Art Exhibition. H.E. Mr. Ante Simonic, former Ambassador of Croatia to China and Croatian Deputy Prime Minister, and Ms. Tang Ying, Vice President of YAU, were also present at the opening ceremony.

YAU President Mr. Sheng Jun expressed his gratitude to ACC for providing the university a great opportunity to host this Multimedia Art Exhibition and welcomed the Lao Ambassador and the delegation. Mr. Sheng Jun expressed that YAU had enjoyed good cooperation with universities in Laos for almost 20 years, and YAU set up ASEAN- China Education and Training Centre in 2012. It was believed that the 5th Multimedia Art Exhibition on “Peaceful Laos” would further enhance the comprehensive cooperation between YAU and Laos.

ACC Secretary-General Mr. Ma Mingqiang expressed that H.E. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reaffirmed on many occasions that ASEAN is the priority of China’s relations with neighboring countries. Since ASEAN and China launched the dialogue process in 1991, ASEAN-China relations had achieved abundant progress. This year is significant to both ASEAN and China, as it marks the first year of the second decade of ASEAN-China Strategic Partnership, the first year of the “Diamond Decade” of ASEAN-China cooperation proposed by H.E. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, as well as the ASEAN-China Cultural Exchange Year. On 7 April 2014, a grand opening ceremony of the 2014 ASEAN-China Cultural Exchange Year was held in Beijing. Secretary-General Ma highlighted ACC’s efforts to promote ASEAN-China Cultural Exchange Year including organizing performances by Chinese Ethnic Minorities Art Troupe to ASEAN Member States, and holding the art exhibition on Laos. The art exhibition aimed to raise awareness about Laos in China and enhance the relations between Laos and China as well as those of ASEAN and China.

ACC had organized four “My ASEAN and China” Multimedia Art Exhibition Series on “Magical Malaysia”, “Khmer Smile: Cambodia”, “Charming Viet Nam” and “The Abode of Peace: Brunei” respectively in various cities and provinces of China. It was hoped that the art exhibition on Laos would inspire the students to learn more about this peaceful country of Laos which is adjacent to Yunnan, and to promote people-to-people connectivity between Laos and China. Secretary- General Ma also placed expectations on the young generation to carry on the traditional friendship between Laos and China, and contribute to the further development of Laos-China relations and ASEAN-China relations.

H.E. Ambassador Somdy Bounkhoum of Laos expressed his appreciation to ACC for organizing this meaningful event and to YAU for facilitating his visit and making all arrangements possible. He stated that “Peaceful Laos” Multimedia Art Exhibition was an important event, showcasing tradition, culture, custom, scenery and beauty of Laos, which would help promote awareness, understanding and cultural exchanges between ASEAN and China as well as Laos and China. Cultural exchange was fundamental in bringing the peoples of China and Laos closer, strengthening and deepening their feelings and relations.

After the opening ceremony, the attendees toured the art exhibition with great interest.

The 5th “My ASEAN and China” Multimedia Art Exhibition on “Peaceful Laos” displays 6 oil paintings and 86 pieces of exquisite photographs by Ms. Rita Zhao on the wonderful culture, tradition, architecture, nature, folk custom, history, religion and the people of Laos. The exhibition will run for about one month at the library of YAU. 

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