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Hezhou: An Escape from the Bustling World

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By Chen Zhiying

Mentioning Guangxi, what first comes into people’s minds might be the picturesque Guilin landscape or the industrial city Liuzhou that produces Internet-famous food Luosifen Rice Noodles. Hezhou, a small city locates in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is less known to tourists, even to local people in Guangxi. However, this unknown land hides marvelous natural beauty, breeds diverse ethnic cultures, and scatters antique Chinese-style buildings. The veil worn over Hezhou has been uncovered gradually, producing an irresistible appeal.

Huangyao Ancient Town: Indulging in the old times

Huangyao is an ancient town with a history of around a thousand years. It locates in the Northeast of Zhaoping County, Hezhou, and earns the name because of the two major local family names, Huang and Yao. Unlike the ancient town in the south of  the Yangtze River, reserved, subtle, and delicate, or the ones in Sichuan, glorious and magnificent, Huangyao is like a piece of raw jade, simple but elegant. It is because not so many people know this place that it could keep its leisure and tranquility. Huangyao is surrounded by karst peaks and traversed by streams. There are many bridges arching over the gurgling rivers, and the streets are paved with slates. Having been scouring for years, the slates are polished and clean, like a mirror, witnessing the changes the town has undergone and reflecting the long time passing by. Pavilions, alleys, temples, old trees, tables, and couplets hung on pillars are seen everywhere. Many of the buildings are typical ancient Chinese architecture in bricks and black tiles. All these combined resemble an ink and wash painting, releasing unmatched charm and conquering the hearts of tourists. But, when you look inadvertently at the upturned corners of the old-styled building’s roof, you’ll find that they look like flying birds, wings widespread, giving a sense of motion to this static picture.

There are many old trees with arched branches in Huangyao Ancient Town

Being in the Huangyao Ancient Town, what most frequently meets the eyes are antique houses on the two sides and winding paths that seemingly lead to nowhere. However, after walking for a while, all of a sudden, a new world will roll out before you — lush green mountains, an extensive lake of limpid rippling water, and the dazzling sunshine — providing you with a sense of broadness and delight.

Tips: Huangyao tofu and stuffed bean curd are two of the major features of Huangyao. Also, don’t forget to bring some local fermented soybean sauce and chili sauce back for seasoning. 

Gupo Mountain National Forest Park: A natural ecological paradise

Gupo Mountain National Forest Park is located in the Pinggui District of Hezhou City, stretching across Guangdong and Hunan Province as well as Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. In Chinese, Gupo means aunt, and the mountain gets the name from a legend. During the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD), a rampant plague swept across Hunan and Guangxi. It is said that in the Gupo Mountain (It was called Heaven Mountain then) grew a lingzhi mushroom which can cure the disease caused by the plague. A Man, a young descendant of a TCM family was determined to collect the plant on the cliffs. However, there was no news received from him after that. When the fiancee Miao Hong went into the mountain to look for her lover, she found the lingzhi mushroom that can save villagers but no trace of A Man. The girl continued to search for A Man and didn’t marry. Day after day, she got older gradually and children called her Aunt Miao Hong. Since local villagers were touched by her love for A Man, they changed the name of Heaven Mountain to Gupo Mountain in memory of her.

Entrance of Gupo Mountain Forest Park

Walking into the Gupo Mountain Forest Park is like entering a fairyland. Trickling water, gurgling brook, rustling leaves, and ringing bird sounds are all masterpieces of nature, melting the heart of every tourist who comes to this place. Covered by dense green forests, the park is reputed as the biggest natural oxygen bar in Southern China. There are also many waterfalls inside the scenic area, the most famous of which is Xiangu Waterfall. Looking at it from a distance with the lush greeneries as the backdrop, it seems like a white dragon nestling in the hills, shimmering under the sunshine. On both sides are entwining vines and beautifully arched branches of distinctive trees. All proclaim the beauty of the waterfall.

Xiangu Waterfall


1. Gupo Mountain National Forest Park occupies an area of 80 square kilometers, therefore, it is recommended to take a sightseeing bus, which saves time and is comfortable.

  1. Fang’s Tea Garden inside the park is the filming location of the TV series Plain Love and a must-visit place for tourists. Spring is the best season to travel here. You can pick the fresh tender tea leaves and enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time.

People always want more than what they need and easily get stuck in anxiety. Then, why not spend several days in Hezhou to cleanse your heart and find out what values the most in this kaleidoscope called life.

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