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Endangered white-headed langur population increases to 1,400

2023-03-03 16:52:13   By:Xinhua    Hits:
White-headed langur

According to the white-headed langur national reserve in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the population of China's endangered white-headed langur has increased to over 1,400.

The white-headed langur is one of the world's most endangered primate species. In the 1980s, its population dwindled to some 300 due to deforestation, land reclamation and poaching.

Characterized by the white hair on their heads, the animals are found in the karst hills between the Zuojiang and Mingjiang rivers in the city of Chongzuo, Guangxi.

In 2005, a regional-level nature reserve was established in Chongzuo to protect the rare primates. It was upgraded into a national reserve in 2012.

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